Simple Shoes was founded in Southern California in 1991 by Eric Meyer. It was created as a reaction to the excess designs of the previous decade. It was a mixture of influences from surfing, skateboarding, art, a touch of modern architecture, old bicycles, classic VW buses, books, magazines, and more that formed the foundation of the brand. 

This influence still holds true today… A hybrid of casual, comfortable and athletic styles, Simple fit the new world. People wanted less. They didn’t want their shoes saying anything about them. Simple, was clean, basic shoes, where you could feel the hand behind the crafting. Simple was honest and never took things too seriously.

The character of a brand doesn’t come from thin air. It is a distillation, an appropriation, a curated blend of history’s good ideas. Inspiration can come from the most mundane things: the leather from a bicycle seat or the thread color from a pair of vintage jeans. Simple draws from the classic resources and ideas that are all around us. 

As we prepare for the next 30 years, our future is wide open. But strangely enough, it’s actually a merging of our past lives. Simple has the same ethos as it did in 1991, when the company was run out of the garage. Clean design and classic styling still rule our product line, and we continue to push forward with recycled materials and responsible manufacturing. From the OS Sneaker to the SLO, Simple Shoes is still the alternative to over-built, over-hyped, over-designed products – a way to break out of the sea of sameness. But most of all, these shoes, along with the forthcoming designs are all Simple.